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dedicated to happy girls on rollerskates everywhere. and to all who dig wildly on that diet coke girl, nicole vicius ;))

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

i THINK this is the same girl

i hope so ;/

i've heard nicole vicious...but upon combing thru pics for the upcoming movie 'last days' (mainly this one) and comparing them to (the tres small/crappy) ad on, i'm thinking that nicole vicious and nicole vicius are one and the same smiley, pretty, blonde, birthday-cake-happy (lully lully) girl that you see in the diet coke ad 'sparkle' xoxo

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damn, she's lovely. i wish i could teleport myself into that commercial to rollerskate around with her all night long to that dj!! ;D!!

ok so i ganked thatpepsigirl's title slightly. but this is good. this is what the internet needs right now. innocent, happy, cool, sweet girls..on rollerskates ;)

suzy xo